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When Does a Toilet Need to Be Replaced?


It’s not something that you will have a lot of major problems with over the years. The main issue a toilet has is the occasional clog, something you can typically dislodge with a plunger. And repairing any part of the flushing mechanism is not usually a costly endeavor.

Toilets are made to be durable, thank goodness, but there will come a time when this, like any plumbing fixture, needs a bit of work. General problems with your toilet, from leaks to aesthetic issues, may leave you wondering: will this vital part of my home need replacement soon? Today, we help you understand when it’s best to replace a toilet and when a repair will do just fine.

These Issues Can Be Repaired

Of course, not every problem with a toilet will require you to replace the entire thing. Typically, a plumber can fix a leak or a running toilet, though some experienced DIY-ers can handle these as well.

  • A running toilet – A running toilet usually needs a new flush valve or seal, the components inside of the toilet tank, and you may be able to pick this up at the hardware store.
  • Leaks from the bottom of the toilet – When the toilet is leaking where the bowl meets the floor, the toilet will need to be removed, but it usually turns out you can just replace the seal.
  • Leaking from the shutoff valve – The shut-off valve will need to be replaced.

Reason to Replace a Toilet #1: Cracks

Most leaks can be repaired, but there’s one big one that cannot. When a toilet bowl or tank starts to form a crack, replacement is the only option. Sealing it with plumbers’ putty is not a real solution, and the toilet may crack further and leak water all over your floors!

Reason to Replace a Toilet #2: Water Usage

The next reason to replace a toilet is if you make the choice to upgrade for a more efficient system. Older toilets, those that are a couple of decades old, use a lot of water, but today’s low-flush fixtures use significantly less. They are standard in new construction, and older models are no longer sold, so it may be best to get on board and save on your utilities.

You can upgrade to a toilet that uses about 1/3 of the water that your current toilet uses! And dual-flush toilets, those that have a two-button option depending on water levels, can conserve even more.

Reason to Replace a Toilet #3: Remodeling

Finally, a toilet does not have to be broken for you to decide to replace it. If you are remodeling a home, spending money on a new bathroom design for comfort and relaxation, why keep the same old toilet you’ve always had?

You might be surprised to see how a change in the design of a toilet can make a difference in the way a room looks. For example, there are toilets that mount to the wall and don’t require a base, which can make the room look bigger. Or, you may decide to upgrade to a comfort-height toilet if anyone in the home has knee or back trouble.

If you decide to replace your toilet, be sure to call the right plumbers in New Port Richey for the job. Contact Continental Plumbing Services, LLC today!