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How Professional Drain Cleaning Protects Your Plumbing

Professional plumbing

Clogged drains are no match for the tools professional plumbers have on hand. You may already know that the drain snakes and other tools a plumber keeps on hand are perhaps the most effective for pulling out the entirety of clogs and getting your plumbing back to normal again. But did you know that professional drain cleaning can help to protect your drains and keep clogs from coming back for longer?

In fact, the tools some of us use now to unclog drains may actually be doing more harm than good. See what we mean in the guide below, and find out how a professional drain cleaning service can keep your drains protected.

The Tools Professionals Use

Professionals use tools that most homeowners simply do not have access to. For tough drain clogs, drain augers or drain snakes that use hand cranks or may even be motorized are employed. They may be used in the sink or through a cleanout to access the sewer line. In either case, they are more effective for larger clogs than those you can buy in the hardware store.

Professional plumbers also have access to hydro jetters (or, some plumbers do). Hydro jetting involves using a long thin hose, whose nozzle can release water from all 360°, rather than straight out. Water blasts out at a high pressure, and the impact allows debris to shoot out to the sewer line.

Finally, professional plumbers have access to cameras at the end of a cable designed to fit your sewer line. That means they can investigate the pipes first, instead of going in blind!

The Problem with At-Home Tools

The tools that homeowners use to DIY a drain and sewer repair can be harmful to their drains. Drain and sewer augers may work well—but in some cases, they actually push the problem further along in the pipes. Professionals know what they are doing, and know how to navigate pipes properly!

Here’s the big one that we think all homeowners should stay away from: chemical drain cleaners. The chemicals found in these substances are…

  • Harmful to your drains. The chemicals can actually cause damage!
  • Potentially toxic. (Keep away from children and pets!)
  • Not very effective. Most of the items you want out of the drain likely won’t dissolve with the particular chemicals in drain cleaners.

Stay Protected with Cameras and Hydro Jetters

Your drains are safer with the tools plumbers use, particularly those combining camera inspections with hydro jetting to really clean out the drains.

Cameras help plumbers to get a better idea of the situation. That way, they don’t accidentally harm the drains by using the wrong tool (nor do they waste your time and money).

Hydro jetting can clear a clog, but it does so much more than this. Using hydro jetting to clean the drains leaves them cleaner than they were before, eliminating the majority of the stuck-on residue within them. This makes it far less likely that clogs will come back any time in the near future!

Still not sure if you need professional plumbing? Check out our other article where we discuss when to call a plumber for a clogged drain.

Protect your drains with professional drain cleaning in New Port Richey. Contact Continental Plumbing Services, LLC today.