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When to Do It Yourself, and When to Call a Plumber
When to Do It Yourself, and When to Call a Plumber

When Should You Call a Plumber? There are times when you can definitely fix something around the home on your own, with the right tools and know-how. Loose knobs on cabinetry are easily screwed in, torn couch cushions can be patched up with a bit of skill, and WD-40 and duct ...

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Blog Posts in 2018

  • A Guide to Scaling and Hard Water Solutions

    Hard water is a term that sometimes confuses people. What it means is water that has a higher than normal level of minerals such as magnesium and ...

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  • How to Tell if Your Water Filter Is Working

    How to Tell if Your Water Filter Needs Replacement If you have a water filter of some type connected to your home’s water main, you want to know that ...

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  • 3 Reasons to Put Down the Wrench and Call a Plumber

    “Put down the wrench … back away slowly … then reach for the phone … and call a professional plumber.” Okay, that’s a bit over-dramatic. But the ...

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  • Should You Really Worry about a Dripping Sink?

    You’re just settling down for the night, turning off lights around the house when you hear the sound: drip, drip, drip. You’d rather not listen to the ...

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  • What to Do When Your Toilet Is Running

    We understand that a running toilet isn’t exactly an emergency. It’s certainly an annoyance, though, and it can only get worse as time goes on. The ...

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  • How Today's Water Softeners Work

    Did you know that about 75% of homes in the US are affected by hard water? Hard water is not something that’s typically dangerous for your health. ...

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  • When to Call a Plumber for a Drain Clog

    You have a plunger in your home for a reason. If the toilet becomes clogged, or even a bathroom or kitchen sink, acting quickly with a plunger and ...

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  • Steps to Take When a Pipe Leaks

    It’s important to prepare your family in case of any type of emergency. Of course, there are those emergencies that directly affect their own safety, ...

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  • Can a Plumber Restore Your Water Pressure?

    Most of us have had the experience of stepping into a shower that did not deliver the expected water pressure. This makes showers tedious, long, and ...

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