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3 Reasons to Put Down the Wrench and Call a Plumber


“Put down the wrench … back away slowly … then reach for the phone … and call a professional plumber.”

Okay, that’s a bit over-dramatic. But the consequences of a poorly done amateur plumbing job can be severe. Unless you’re tackling a small task like changing the washers in a faucet or tightening a loose nut, having your own set of wrenches and other commercially available tools doesn’t turn you into an actual plumber. It’s best to always call on the professionals. Here are three big reasons why.

ONE: The potential for water damage

This is the most urgent reason never to attempt any type of major plumbing work (as well as some apparently minor ones) as a DIY job or one entrusted to amateur “handymen.” Mistakes involving plumbing pipes can lead to massive leaks and flooding, and water damage is expensive and difficult to remediate. “But I’ll shut off the water main before I start work,” you might say. But what happens when you turn the water main back on—and then discover you’ve created a massive leak somewhere because the plumbing repair wasn’t done correctly? A plumber will see any work is done right the first time. Professional are also insured to protect you from any liability.

TWO: Professional plumbers have all the best tools

You can purchase a wide range of home plumbing tools, like wrench kits. But only professionals have access to the expensive tools necessary to complete most jobs. These tools aren’t only too pricey for consumers to purchase—they also require specialized training to operate. Some examples include hydro-jetters for drain cleaning, pressure scanners for leak detection, and video camera equipment for drain inspections. A professional plumber will arrive at your house with a van fully stocked with the finest equipment so they can get the majority of jobs completed on the first visit.

THREE: Professionals work fast

Do you really want to plunge a whole day of your weekend into a plumbing project that you may not even do right? That’s a lot of time and effort for mediocre results. When you look at it this way, you aren’t saving money by going “do-it-yourelf.” A plumber rewards you not only with accurate work, but work that takes up little time. Whether you need repairs to restore hot water in your shower because of a broken mixing valve or you’re interested in having old pipes replaced, a professional plumber will create minimal disruption, finish the job fast, and let you get back to your life.

To find a plumber in Hudson, FL … well, you’ve already done the hard work, because you’re on the website for the right people to call! We’re a plumbing company with a quarter century of experience, and our pledge to our customers is to get the job done every time and set their plumbing worries to rest. We keep water in its place, so contact us today for whatever plumbing service your home needs.

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