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New Port Richey Grease Trap Service

If you run a restaurant in New Port Richey, you need a grease trap to protect the drains in your kitchen. Grease traps prevent fats, oils, and grease from running down your pipes and creating a clog. These protective devices need to be cleaned about once a month to remain effective. They may also require the occasional repair to restore functionality when something goes wrong.

Continental Plumbing Services is proud to provide grease trap services to restaurants in New Port Richey and the surrounding areas. We can install, repair, or clean a grease trap for your company. We strive to be a useful partner for your food preparation business and keep your unique needs in mind when performing work on your behalf.

Contact Continental Plumbing Services at (727) 888-5137 today to request quality grease trap services.

Grease Trap Installation & Replacement

When converting an existing business space to serve as a restaurant, you’ll need to have a grease trap sized and installed in order to meet all civic codes. If your business is expanding, you may need to replace your existing grease trap with a larger one or install a new one elsewhere on the property.

Whatever your needs and whatever the circumstances, Continental Plumbing Services can be there for you. We’ll work alongside you to find the right grease trap for your needs, then install it with ease. Our team even offers emergency services after hours so you can have the system installed without disrupting other parts of your business. Contact us to set up a consultation.

Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

Once a month, you need to clean your grease trap to remove the fats, oils, and grease that accumulate there and prevent them from backing up your drain. These substances are tough because they often go down the drain in liquid form and harden when they cool in your pipes. Cleaning your grease trap is a messy job, so we recommend you leave the task to us.

Our New Port Richey plumbers have all the necessary equipment to clean your grease trap, including:

  • A gas mask
  • Gloves
  • A bucket and shovel to remove materials from the tank
  • The tools to remove the grease trap lid
  • A vacuum to thoroughly clean every bit of grease and sludge

    You already trust us with your pipes and other key parts of your commercial plumbing system. That’s why you can trust us for grease trap cleaning services every month to keep your system running the way it needs to. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and pride ourselves on our reliability.

    Call Continental Plumbing Services today! Dial (727) 888-5137.

      Outstanding workers! My wife and I had the company work for us twice.

      - Jim DeSimone

      I would highly recommend Continental for all plumbing.

      - Susan Clifford

      They did 2 different projects and both jobs were fantastic!

      - Jim DeSimone

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