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Should You Really Worry about a Dripping Sink?


You’re just settling down for the night, turning off lights around the house when you hear the sound: drip, drip, drip. You’d rather not listen to the sound of a dripping sink as you head to bed, so you simply shut the door to the bathroom for the night. That takes care of that! For the most part, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal—a minor annoyance if anything. So why should you bother seeking out repairs any time soon?

Aside from the annoyance factor, we think there are many reasons to address that dripping sink as soon as possible. Here’s why we think that drip-drip-drip is a bigger deal than you think.

The Waste of Water

For many homeowners, the biggest concern about a leaky sink is actually not the dripping sound, but that it wastes water. If one drop came out of your sink per second, it would take only 4.5 hours to waste an entire gallon of water. That comes out to over 2,000 gallons of water wasted in a year.

Unfortunately, many homes have water leaks that are often undetected and waste so much of our water supply. This is one leak that you can see and get under control fairly easily. Why wouldn’t you take action? Not only is it a waste of resources, but it’s also something that can add up quickly in terms of your utility bills, and the sooner you have the leak taken care of, the better.

The Leak May Get Bigger

The leak from your sink probably seems like no big deal. However, as far as the inner workings of the faucet are concerned, it can be much worse than it looks. The change in water pressure can put increased pressure on the leak area, which can cause it to expand. What seems like a minor leak right now could turn into something worse, and it’s always possible that you’ll come home to water pouring out of the faucet.

The Potential Damage to Property

It is possible for a leak to spiral out of control and get much bigger. In fact, if there’s a leak in one part of your sink, there may already be a leak elsewhere in the plumbing you haven’t noticed yet, or that is starting to form.

This is why you should get to the bottom of the leak ASAP and get it repaired. You might end up with property damage, such as damage to the cabinet underneath the sink, if you wait for too long and water spreads.

Call a Plumber Today

Fixing a leaky sink on your own can be tricky. We don’t recommend doing it without the proper experience, which may mean that calling in professional plumbers is the best option. Plumbing professionals can complete the job much faster, first of all, and they are best qualified to ensure a leak is completely sealed off.


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