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4 Plumbing Problems You Shouldn't Ignore


Some plumbing problems you cannot ignore. If water is flooding your home or sewage is coming out through your drains, you’re going to need a plumber ASAP. That’s why we offer 24/7 plumbing services…but you wouldn’t want a plumber there in the middle of the night for a tiny leak or clog.

It’s easy to pass off some plumbing problems as just minor inconveniences. We see a lot of preventable plumbing disasters happen because of this, though, and we’re here to tell you that some plumbing problems shouldn’t be ignored. No matter how minor they may seem, call in a plumber when you notice any of these plumbing problems in order to prevent water damage and water waste.

#1: Less Hot Water than Usual

Those of us who love long, hot showers really cannot handle this for long, but some people are able to ignore the fact that hot water levels seem to have dropped. This may mean that hot water does not last as long as it usually does, or that temperatures have dropped noticeably.

So why shouldn’t you ignore a problem that may not affect you in a major way?

That drop in hot water levels, pressure, or consistency could indicate a leak in the water heater. That leak can damage your property, and means that your water heater might desperately need a replacement.

Another possibility is scaling in the tank. Mineral deposits can collect at the bottom of the tank and create dangerous pressure imbalances.

#2: A Drop in Water Pressure

A drop in the water pressure throughout the house can be a dangerous thing. This may indicate a leak in the water line that is slowly damaging your property. Even a leak that only affects one fixture is a big deal if water is slowly seeping into the walls or ceiling.

While there are other possibilities that could also cause low water pressure to become apparent, you should still have the problem checked out as soon as you can. It turns out that MOST homes have hidden water leaks, and you don’t want this to go on longer than it has to.

#3: Slow Drains

Slow drainage is another problem that you may feel tempted to ignore if you’re only using that sink or fixture in brief spurts. Drainage can slow down because of a clog somewhere in the sewer line that can only get worse.

And using a chemical drain cleaner from the store shelves won’t solve the problem either. It may clear the drain opening for now, but chances are that much of the blockage has moved further along the drain lines to cause more trouble later on. A plunger or a plumber’s drain snake are the best methods of repair.

#4: A Broken Garbage Disposal

You can always use a drain catch in the sink instead of your garbage disposal, but why would you want to? Going without your kitchen garbage disposal puts you at a much higher risk of major drain blockage, and it’s likely to happen more often than you’d prefer.

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