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Sewer Services & Drain Cleaning in New Port Richey, FL

The drains in your home take used water, foodstuffs and other detritus to the sewer line connecting your home to the New Port Richey civic sewer system. That can lead to a number of clogged drains, creating back-ups and pushing contaminated water in your sinks and other outlets. That poses a considerable risk to the health and safety of your family.

The solution is drain and sewer cleaning services from the professionals at Continental Plumbing Services, LLC. We use effective techniques like hydro-jetting for sink drain cleaning, shower drain cleaning, and even sewer drain cleaning the right way. If you need to unclog a drain or some other manner of drain opener, call our team today: we keep water in its place!

Why Are Clogged Drains So Common?

Clogs are much more common in drain lines than water lines, simply because we pour a great deal of material down the drains in our New Port Richey homes. In the bathroom we have soap, hair care products, toothpaste and make–up which are all washed down the drains, as is human waste via the toilet. In the kitchen, it’s often food particles – some of which (such as rice or pasta) can create surprisingly tough clogs.

Unfortunately, a store–bought cleanser or similar drain openers, only rarely cleans such clogs properly, adopting a one–size–fits all approach that often leaves parts of the clog in place. Instead of wasting your time with half measures, call the pros at Continental Plumbing Services, LLC for proper drain and sewer cleaning services.

Sewer Lines are Particularly Tricky

As tough as drain lines can be to clean, sewer lines are even tougher. The main line between your home and the New Port Richey, FL sewer line is usually buried underground, making it tough to get to. Performing a sewer drain cleaning takes professional skill, and you can’t simply hope for the best the way you might when you unclog a drain elsewhere in your house.

That’s why we use hydro–jetting and other top–end techniques to provide proper sewer line cleaning for your home. Just as with sink drain cleaning and shower drain cleaning, it’s used to great effect and does the job with no damage to your pipes. Contact us today to learn more about it.

How Does Hydro–Jetting Work?

Hydro–jetting requires a professional to properly use – high–pressure water can be dangerous – but it’s otherwise perfect for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning. A hose is fitted to the affected drain and powerful pulses of water are fired at a very high pressure down the length of your pipes. That scours the clog clean and washes it out into the sewer line.

Furthermore, it also scours any clogs forming elsewhere in the drain, leaving the entire length of pipe clear. And because it uses only water, it won’t damage the pipes and won’t leave any toxic chemical residue behind. We’re firm believers in the technique and can use it to make your pipes clean as a whistle. That’s the kind of quality our team offers, and the means by which you can get rid of those pesky clogs for good!

I cannot praise them enough job well done. Nice people came right on time and fixed the problem in no time without giving me long list of problems...

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