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How Video Pipe Inspection Protects Your Sewer Pipes


One of the most important developments of the modern age was the network of pipes that make up your sewage system. The sewer system provides sanitation and convenience, but it can also cause a lot of stress when your sewer pipes back up.

If you’re dealing with major blockage or potential leaks in the sewer line, it’s important to call in a plumber as soon as you can. And the best plumbers in New Port Richey, FL use video pipe inspection before cleaning or repairing the pipes (and afterwards!). Read on to find out more about video pipe inspection and how it benefits your sewer line.

Here’s How It Works

If you notice that your drains are moving slowly or if there is backup coming up through the drains, call a plumber for an inspection before finding a suitable solution. A video pipe inspection will help you narrow in on the problem so that a plumber can recommend the right course of repair or drain cleaning.

Video pipe inspection uses a small camera attached to the end of a cable. The cable is lowered into the drain pipe like an auger, and it can give you and your plumber a 360° view of the problem. Your plumber views the problem via a live stream, and a skilled professional will be able to see the precise source and location of the leak or clog.

What You Can from a Pipe Inspection

After video pipe inspection, you may be surprised to hear the problem isn’t quite what you thought. There are many reasons you may be experiencing problems with your drainage.

  • Fats, oils, and grease – A buildup of greasy residue can do a number on your pipes, slowing the flow of wastewater and potentially creating some backup.
  • Cracks in the pipes – You might be surprised to learn that leaks and cracks in the sewer line can actually cause backup.
  • Tree root infiltration – Tree roots naturally grow towards sources of water, making your sewer lines an excellent target. They can wrap around the sewer pipes and pierce them, filling up in the sewer lines until they are completely blocked up.

Not Every Plumber Has Access to this Technology

Keep in mind that not every plumber has access to sewer pipe inspection technology like this. You wouldn’t want a plumber to go in blind, using drain augers to attempt to unclog a pipe that’s really in need of repairs. Make sure your plumber uses video pipe inspection before you call them in to address sewer problems.

Sewer Pipe Inspection Before and After

Another great benefit of video camera pipe inspection is that you can get a view of the pipes after they are cleaned or repaired as well. That way, you’ll know the problem is taken care of, or if additional action should be taken. It may be that you need another pass with a hydro-jetter or that there are leaks further along in the sewer line. All in all, you’ll have to trust this service to a trained plumber.

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