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UV Water Purifier Services in New Port Richey, FL

Some water purifier systems are designed to treat hard water and similar contaminants. Others, however, focus on more subtle contaminants: germs and bacteria which may slip into water supply. New Port Richey, FL has an excellent civic water system, but nothing is guaranteed in an environment with as much rain and humidity as ours. You may want a little extra protection to keep your drinking and cooking water safe.

Enter the UV water purifier, using a form of ultraviolet water treatment to safely and harmlessly destroy germs and bacteria that might slip through the New Port Richey filters. Not only will your family be kept safer from illness, but your water will taste crisper and cleaner as a result. Our trained team is ready to discuss your options. We keep water in its place!

How Do UV Lights Work?

Ultraviolet water purifiers simply shine ultraviolet lights across the width of your water main. All of the water passing through the system and entering your household plumbing has to pass through the light. It might not sound like much, but ultraviolet light, while harmless to us (it’s often used in amusement park rides to make white clothes glow in the dark), it can prove lethal to germs, bacteria and other unwelcome debris.

At Continental Plumbing Services, LLC, we’re standing by to install a UV water purifier in your home plumbing system. We do the job swiftly and effectively, getting your system in place and cleaner water heading into your faucets immediately. Contact our team today and let us show you what we can do!

What’s Entailed?

One of the great things about UV lights is that, once installed, you don’t need to do a lot of repairs or maintenance. So long as it gets electricity, it should function… keeping your waters clean and free of any germs that might come floating in. Repairs, when they happen at all, are conducted swiftly, and usually come only towards the end of the ultraviolet water purifier’s life.

There’s one big exception to this rule, and we think you’ve figured it out. The light bulbs need to be replaced from time to time, and while it doesn’t sound like a difficult task, you need trained technicians to reach the unit properly and ensure that nothing else gets damaged along the way. Contact our team today and let us tell you all about it.

We’ll Be There the Whole Way

From the first day you decide to install your system to the time you finally replace it with a newer model, you want your UV water purifier to be in good hands. Here in New Port Richey, that means trusting the right service to get the job done, no matter if it’s just changing the bulb or installing a whole new system,

At Continental Plumbing Services, LLC, we believe in standing by our work, and that means you can count on us no matter if your UV purifier needs installation, maintenance, repair or replacement. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and we bring that expertise to everything we do. Give us a call today!

I cannot praise them enough job well done. Nice people came right on time and fixed the problem in no time without giving me long list of problems...

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