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What to Do If Your Wedding Ring Gets Stuck in the Sink


Since you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve got an urgent situation happening right now. Your wedding ring (or another important tiny item) has fallen into the bathroom or kitchen drain, and you’ve got a lot of questions. The main question, of course: how will you get it back? You may also worry that you’ll never be able to retrieve the ring. Is it now making its way to the city’s septic system? Will you ever see it again?

Thankfully, there’s a good chance you’ll see your precious memento again. Chances are that your ring is stuck in the drain trap, the curvy part underneath the sink that, often, is not too difficult to access. If you don’t feel confident addressing the situation on your own, we strongly recommend calling in a professional plumber. Continental Plumbing Services, LLC is happy to help with any drain cleaning you may need!

Figure Out if Your P-Trap is Removable

This may require some explanation. The P-trap is the name of the curved bend underneath the sink. Many people think it looks like a letter “U” but a U-bend is another type of plumbing trap. The one underneath the sink actually looks like a sideways letter “P.” The purpose of the trap is to stop sewer gases from coming up through the sink, but it serves a handy purpose for you today: allowing a place for rings to get caught!

Older P-traps may be more difficult to remove. Metal components may require specialized tools to remove, beyond a standard wrench, and it may be better to leave this to a professional. However, most P-traps will actually be simple to remove. If the P-trap is attached with large washers that are not too difficult to screw off, you should be able to see how you can completely detach the component.

How to Remove Your P-Trap to Retrieve a Lost Item

Once you know that your P-trap can be removed without reaching out to a professional, it’s time to get started.

  • Protect your bathroom or kitchen. Put down a bucket and rags to catch the mess underneath as you open the trap. You might want to wear gloves as well.
  • Loosen the trap. This may require a bit of work. Some traps actually have an access drain you can pull out to let the water flow right into the bucket! Usually, however, you’ll have to unscrew the washers to detach the bend of the trap. PVC pipe washers are usually easiest to unscrew; you may be able to grab hold with a rag and your hands. Otherwise, the task requires a wrench.
  • Find the ring. Once you detach the trap and tip it over, the ring should fall right into the bucket!
  • Reattach the trap. Now to reattach the trap. You’ll likely need plumbing tape to get a good hold.

Don't Hesitate to Call an Emergency Plumber

If at any point in this process you worry that you don’t have the skill to do it on your own, please do not hesitate to call in a professional! Your valuables are worth it, after all. A professional will know how to do the work quickly and find your ring without harming the pipes.

Contact Continental Plumbing Services, LLC for drain cleaning in New Port Richey.