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Why Our Experts Choose Hydro-Jetting for Many Major Clogs

When you need experts to unclog your drain, the problem has gotten serious. And intense clogs call for a serious solution, which is why hydro jetting is so often the go to for our plumbers and many of the best across the country.

While drain snakes and augers may suffice for the level of debris in your drain and sewer line, it often takes more. Nothing helps a drain quite like the power of a high-pressure water jet directly targeting the residue and debris that slowly collects in a drain. Learn a bit more in the guide below.

What is hydro jetting?

Hydro-jets are thin, long hoses, which the average homeowner does not have access to. Professional plumbers use this equipment to clean out drains and prevent clogs from coming back.

The water sprays from the hose at an extremely high pressure. And the end of the hose has a 360° spray nozzle, meaning the high-pressure spray reaches around the circumference inside of the pipe.

Debris is blasted out of the drain and continues to the municipal sewer line. Major clogs can typically be removed this way, but the best part is the deep cleaning that the drain line gets. Because there will be no sludge stuck to the lining of the pipes, you can count on smooth sailing for a while to come (provided you continue to treat the drains right!).

Is there an at-home solution?

You may be able to clean out a stubborn or moderately clogged drain opening with a hefty amount of baking soda, followed up with some vinegar. And, of course, you can always use a sink plunger in an attempt to dislodge a clog.

However, if it’s more serious than this, you should always call a professional for a solution. You may only decide on a quick snaking to get out the clog, but for those deeper in the sewer line or for persistent clogging, there is nothing quite like hydro jetting.

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