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Does Your Tank Water Heater Need Replacement?


One of the best things about your tank water heater is how durable it is. The steel tank of your water heater is coated with a glass liner to make it resistant to corrosion for longer. Often, tank water heaters don’t need many repairs throughout their lifespans, and they are reliable for so long, that you barely think about it.

However, no system can last forever. At some point in time, your tank water heater will, unfortunately, fail, and you need to be prepared. It’s always better to replace it long before it floods your home or breaks down in the middle of a busy morning, so check our list to see if your water heater may need replacement.

  • Leaks from the tank – If hot water begins to leak from the bottom of the water heater’s tank, it’s time for a replacement. This indicates the water heater has started to corrode, and there is no temporary seal that is safe enough to contain the water for long.
  • Rust or discolored hot water – You may notice rust or a rusty tint to the water when you turn on the hot water tap, which could prove the tank is beginning to rust. Corrosion is soon to follow, and you should have a plumber take a look at the situation ASAP.
  • Old age – After about 10-15 years, it’s a good idea to replace a water heater even if it’s not breaking down. That way, you don’t have to worry about it breaking when you really need it.

It’s important to note that, sometimes, a faulty water heater may be perfectly fine with a simple repair. This is true, for example, if a water heater is leaking from the shut-off valve and not from its tank, or if the rusty water indicates the anode rod only needs replacement. Always consult with a trained plumber before jumping to conclusions.

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