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Slow Drains? What You Should Do Right Now


Another tedious post-dinner spent rinsing dishes in a sink that won’t seem to drain properly, and you’ve had enough. Or maybe you’re sick and tired of the tub filling up as you’re trying to take a quick shower. Isn’t there something you can do right now to make it easier on yourself?

Today, our plumbers share their tips on what to do about clogged drains, and what they recommend against. Find out if there’s something you can do right now to speed things up, or call our plumbers for your next drain cleaning in New Port Richey, FL.

What We Don’t Recommend

We understand that everyone wants a quick fix when something major in the home is not working. But drain cleaners made with toxic chemicals just aren’t the solution. We recommend that you avoid these at all costs. Aside from safety concerns, they may not be good for your pipes.

Harsh chemicals can allow the inside lining of your pipes to deteriorate. Besides, it may only be effective at dissolving some of the organic debris lodged in the piping. The rest can just move down the pipes and cause additional clogging later on.

The Sink Plunger

The plungers we recommend for toilets are the kind that have an extra part in the middle of the cup—the flange plunger. The flange is what helps it to create the necessary seal within the toilet bowl.

The sink plunger is the traditional design you likely associate with plungers. Try this before anything else (if the clog is limited to only one sink or tub in the house). Seal the cup around the drain opening and apply pressure when pushing down and when pulling up to create an even seal that may dislodge blockage located near the drain opening.

Something to Try: Baking Soda and Vinegar

It’s a classic combination you may have heard of before (perhaps in a 3rd grade science class when you made a volcano erupt by combining the two). Both substances are common cleaning agents that are safe for most surfaces and the drains.

Start with backing soda, of course, about ¼ cup or so, and follow it up with a generous portion of vinegar (~1 cup). Wait a few minutes, rinse with water, and see if it helps.

Using a Drain Snake

A drain snake you find in stores won’t be as effective as the ones plumbers have on hand. If you do decide to purchase one or already have one on hand, be patient. Work slowly as you turn and run hot water to help clear it out. It’s always easier to call in a plumber with the right expertise and powerful automatic snakes already on hand.

Professional Drain Cleaning with Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting involves the use of high-pressure water jets to essentially blast clogs out of the drainpipes. A plumber feeds a thin hose through the pipe, which allows water to jet out from all 360° of its nozzle. This effectively clears the drains and doesn’t allow clogs to return so easily.

Continental Plumbing Services, LLC offers professional drain cleaning with hydro jetting in New Port Richey, FL.