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Why You Shouldn't Wait for Plumbing Repair


With time, you learn from the mistakes you make as an adult. After a few days of tardiness at work, you learn to set the alarm earlier. You learn that you shouldn’t wait to call a chiropractor about that back pain because it can only get worse. And if, unfortunately, you ever run out of gas while driving, you quickly learn to fill up the tank in your car before levels hit a risky low.

We want to spare you the pain—or, the cost—of another such learning experience, though. When you wait too long for plumbing repair, the issue can get much, much worse. Here are some examples of experiences proving it never pays to wait to call your friendly neighborhood plumbers!

A Leaky Faucet Adds Up in Usage

The drip-drip-dripping from that leaky faucet or showerhead is annoying. But does it really need repairs ASAP? Of course, you’re not in any immediate danger. But did you know that a leak of just 1 drop per second could waste 3,000 gallons of water over the course of a year? Sometimes, you can repair a leaky faucet yourself, but for those times it’s tough, call a plumber to do the job fast!

A Leaky Pipe Can Pour Out Water

Underneath the sink, leaks are common, but put down a bucket and you’ll only have to think about it once or twice a day. That is, unless the leak gets more and more serious. If, for example, the leak is coming from a poorly sealed joint between the P-trap and the faucet connections, it could disconnect suddenly. Why risk water pouring out all over the bathroom or kitchen floor? Solve the problem quickly to prevent the hassle and mess.

Noisy Water Heaters Can Stop Working Suddenly

Many people will tell you that a clunking, banging, or popping from the water heater is nothing to be concerned about. It is usually a result of scaling that occurs because of an excess of calcium in the water that leaves behind deposits in the tank.

However, those mineral deposits can lead to some dangerous pressure levels. This means that water may leak from a valve on the tank or that the system will shut off suddenly thanks to its safety features. The scaling can also wear down the bottom of the tank, making leaks way more likely.

Slow Drains Put Health (and Sanity) At Risk

When the drains around the home slow down, there could be some major blockage in the sewer lines. That could mean that sewage is backing up or leaking into your yard and home already, or that this health hazard is soon to come through your drains. Besides, waiting too long to repair clogged drains just leads to a buildup of dirty dishes and a lot of annoyance!

A Broken Disposal Can Lead to More Clogs

Thinking you can wait to get that garbage disposal fixed? Think again. The people in your home are bound to forget they should scrape food into the trash, meaning you’re susceptible to kitchen clogs. Your disposal allows for minuscule food scraps to get into the drains, and without it, you’re in for more trouble. It’s cheaper to repair the disposal now than to unclog a drain and fix a disposal later!

Call an emergency plumber in Lutz, FL for 24-hour plumbing repair when you need it. Contact Continental Plumbing Services, LLC today.