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Kitchen Plumbing Services in New Port Richey, FL

After the bathroom, there’s no spot in your New Port Richey, FL home more important to your plumbing system than the kitchen. It’s the place where your family gathers to prepare food, grab snacks and discuss the events of the day. When the kitchen plumbing runs into trouble, it can bring the rhythm of your entire home to a halt, whether it’s a simple clog, a leak, an issue with the kitchen sink, a problem with the garbage disposal or a wholesale remodeling project.

Whatever the needs of your kitchen plumbing, Continental Plumbing Services, LLC has the team to do the job right. Our trained team possesses the experience you need to perform installation, remodeling, repairs, maintenance and replacement services in your kitchen. We keep water in its place, and whether it’s sink repair, problems with your garbage disposal or even just removing a stubborn clog, call on us first to get it done!

Whether Big or Small, Kitchen Plumbing Needs the Right Touch

Issues with your kitchen plumbing here in New Port Richey can involve both big issues and small. A clog or leak can prevent you from using your kitchen sink, for example, while a replacement sink or piece of faucet plumbing can involve a substantial operation. But no matter what the job, big or small, you need a service that can provide a huge variety of kitchen plumbing solutions and do so in a way that corrects the issue the right way.

At Continental Plumbing Services, LLC, we consider kitchen plumbing a staple of our business, and we’re not satisfied with doing "just enough." We’ll go over your options with you for larger repairs and ensure that the problem is addressed the right way, and apply the same diligence to simpler kitchen plumbing jobs. Contact our team today!

Internal Components Matter Just as Much as Piping

Kitchen piping can be problematic when leaks or clogs develop, but so too can the appliances and fixtures connected to them. Sink plumbing and faucet plumbing should extend to the sinks and faucets themselves, as can the kitchen garbage disposal or sink disposal unit. A trained plumber should be able to address problems with those components as well as issues with the pipe, and should be able to perform installation and replacement services as well as repair and maintenance services.

That’s where we come in. At Continental Plumbing Services, LLC, our plumbers can handle any issues with sink disposal units, faucet plumbing sink plumbing and connections to components such as the refrigerator. We can handle it all and serve homes throughout New Port Richey, so don’t hesitate to call us in!

Trust Our Team to Handle It All!

Some kitchen plumbing calls involve installing new components. Some involve sink repair and addressing specific problems interfering with the plumbing’s ability to function. Some involve maintenance services designed to prevent larger issues from forming. And some involve replacing older components that have worn out and are ready to be put out to pasture.

No matter what you require, however, our trained team can perform the job swiftly and effectively. We understand how important your kitchen plumbing is to your home and you shouldn’t need to go hunting all over town to find a reliable service!

I cannot praise them enough job well done. Nice people came right on time and fixed the problem in no time without giving me long list of problems...

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