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24/7 Emergency Service


Emergency Plumbing Services in New Port Richey, FL

Ideally, every plumbing problem in New Port Richey, FL will take place during regular business hours, when you’re home, we all know the real world doesn’t work like that. When trouble comes, it can come any time, and when it’s a matter of a plumbing leak or similar problem, it can’t always wait.

The good news is, you’re not alone in those circumstances. Continental Plumbing Services, LLC knows that you sometimes need repairs or replacement services performed at odd hours and on short notices. That’s why our trained team is ready to go when you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When trouble comes knocking, don’t panic about the timing. Just contact our team and we’ll be there in a flash. We keep water in its place!

What Constitutes an Emergency?

It can be tricky sometimes to determine what constitutes an emergency plumbing call and what kinds of difficulties can wait. Only you can make that determination, but generally speaking, it’s a question of convenience and time. Something that absolutely can’t wait – a shutdown of the plumbing in your whole home, for instance, or a toilet system that won’t function – may require the services of a professional. Similarly, a problem that occurs in the early stages of a long weekend is more apt to receive emergency services than one that takes place with just a few hours to go until the regular business day starts.

Once you’ve determined that emergency services are called for, it’s time to summon the pros at Continental Plumbing Services, LLC. We’ll be there in a flash and ensure that no time is wasted in restoring your plumbing to full functionality. If you need emergency repairs or replacement here in New Port Richey, call on us the first time, every time.

Speed Can’t Trump Efficiency

An emergency plumbing service can’t get to you quickly enough when it’s a question of water pouring out of a leaky faucet or a toilet that simple won’t function. But a lot of plumbing service use speed as an excuse to perform a shoddy job.

When that happens, the same problem might crop up again a few weeks or months later, necessitating another emergency call, or more money spent to handle the same basic issue. An emergency call invariably involves a higher cost. You shouldn’t have to pay more on top of that just to do the job the right way.

We’re There for You the Whole Way

At Continental Plumbing Services, LLC, we provide emergency services for homes throughout the New Port Richey area. But we also know that doing the job fast doesn’t mean doing it ineffectively. We stand by all of our work, no matter what the time of day or night, and we guarantee that the problem will get fixed properly every time.

We want to be your go–to plumbing service regardless of your needs, and an emergency plumbing call needs to adhere to the same standards of quality you expect for a more formal installation job or repairs conducted during regular business hours. Our track record speaks for itself and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the results every time you contact us.

I cannot praise them enough job well done. Nice people came right on time and fixed the problem in no time without giving me long list of problems...

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